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Victoria's paternal Grandfather

Earl Joseph Lewis

Born February 20, 1924 in Creston,NC - and died April 05, 1981 in Buffalo Meadows, NC

Victoria's Grandfather, and my father, Earl Joseph Lewis was a man of music and wonder. Him and all his brothers played blue-grass music, and at times professionally. He died when I was seven years old, years before he planned, and twenty-nine years before Victoria (My one and only child) was born.

I remember once, my father telling me not long before his death, that time flew by and before I would know it, I would have a child of my own. (Next two pictures is my Dad with my oldest sisters, Virginia and Mary - left to right; and Virginia and Mary in their early 20's.)

 His grave is up high on a beautiful hill, over-looking the scenic lay-out of the mountain between North Carolina and Tennessee. In my twenties, I crafted his tomb-plate myself. Engraving the names of his parents, brothers, and children onto a stainless steel plate that I cemented at the head of his sunken grave. Many hours have I set on that hill, close to my father, over-looking the beautiful mountains and simple country way of life of the small community on Roundabout Road. I still feel that he is my Guardian Angel, and I speak to him out loud sometimes, cause I just feel in my bones, that he is still attached to his seven year old boy, and he is listening to me intently. In Heaven I will see him again, and glory be the day when I am re-united with my past-gone loved ones....

As Daddy was a musician, he traveled the United States looking for fame and fortune. He met my mother, Kathleen Carol Kling, in a night club where he was performing in St. Louis. He also traveled to California, and helped play the bluegrass music in the very first Mountain Dew commercial:

The Father of my Father, Earl Lewis was: Joseph Aaron Lewis (1884-1960) Pictured above with his wife: Callie Woodward Lewis

His Father was: Bill Lewis

His Father was: Nathan Lewis

His Father was: Captain Gideon Lewis II - (1765-1842) Born in Ashe Co. North Carolina. Col Gideon Lewis monument is at Ashland High Army Headquarters was at Creston (now know as the Baker place) He served as Captain of the Ashe County Rifle Company of Ashe Regiment in the 1812 War. He was buried in Creston, NC. The reason he was known as Colonel Gideon was because he was captain of an army in the war of 1812. He trained an army of soldiers in the river bottom near Cleve Johnsons, and started to New Orleans to fight the British.

And his Father was: Gideon Lewis I (1726-1801) As an adult, he left Pennsylvania and moved to Wilkes County, NC, becoming one of the first settlers there. The Gideon Lewis family became prominent citizens of Ashe County, NC

Follow this link for specific family tree info:]

I hope they celebrate Father's Day in Heaven

Cause if there ever was a, "special Daddy", it was you!

I remember not being able to wait for you to come home from work. Sometimes you were gone before I woke up and returned after I was already asleep in my bed.

I remember crawling out of bed when I heard your voice, running and jumping into your arms, and smelling the fresh scent of old spice. You always had that big old grin, when I would say, "I missed you, Daddy".

Then you would give me a big old squeeze and sit down and hold me on your knee. You would bounce me a couple times and ask me, how my day was. Then you would hold me tight against your chest and say, "I missed you too, son. It won't be long until I see you have children of your own."

The Lord took you before that day, but during my early growing years I never had any fears, for I knew you would always be there for Me.

You were my tower of strength; you were the invincible one! Whenever I was in need, you were always there for me! May the Angels in Heaven treat you as kind as you did me.


Robert Lewis, your son. (Named after your brother, Robert)

Henry Lewis, as of 2017, this is the last living brother of my father, Earl. At 87 years old he is the last of the old generation of the Lewis family from Round Mtn. Church Road in Creston, North Carolina.

One of my Fathers seven brothers was a man named Clyde Lewis. He was the oldest of the Lewis brothers, and helped take care of Callie, his mother, when Joe was not at home.

Clyde was one of the hardest, kindest, most gentlest man I have ever known. This video was recorded about a year before he passed away. He believed in honesty and hard work, and was married to my Aunt Ruth

since they were both teenagers. Here is video of Clyde:

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