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Franchise Editions for $25 per week. Beat Deal and Customer Support on Earth.

The Dream that echoes around the entire world is the opportunity of creating and maintaining your own business. It is a dream I have chased in many forms for over twenty years. Even before then, as an early teenager I used to bring Hubba Bubba chewing gum & Blow-Pops suckers in extreme abundance to my

7th grade class, using my book bag to smuggle them in. It became such a lucrative project that the school store began losing money. Shorty after the school budget began suffering, I was banned from such un-studently conduct by the assistant principle of Ashe Central Junior High in 1985.

I then turned my attention to other business dreams.

During my college days of studying electronics engineering, I could hardly wait to graduate so I could start a security camera business specializing in installing security systems. I noticed fast, once that endeavor began, how expensive it was for a business to advertise in traditional manners.

Then in 1999, "Voice 2000" was created, by me, and distributed at MerleFest in Wilkesboro that same year. I used to live along the path that 10,000 people strolled by that weekend. I set up a chair with an umbrella next to that walking route and handed out my first issue of Voice 2000, even in the rain. It was my attempt to design my own publication and at the same time advertise my security business. The article I published that year was an analytical report about the reports that all computer systems would fail at midnight Dec. 31, 1999. It presented facts from both sides of the argument and allowed the Reader to draw their own conclusion.

Now that 12 years has past, many of which I was scratching my head in confusion while interfacing with my publication software, my computer is still going strong. With Franchise Editions I will teach you how to run and operate your very own publication. As long as you have a computer and the drive & attitude it takes.

I will send you the weekly content (Rare Bible Illustrations, Harvard on the River Facts, Victoria's Facts, Photos & Fathom, Harold Kennedy Selection, etc...) and teach you how to design and make your very own ads, for your very own edition of

Unlike my competition, I have no lawyers draw up any contracts. There are no forms to sign or pages and pages of franchise rules to contend with. I teach you most of what I know, and after I teach you, you will not be committed to me in anyway. Take what I teach you, and spread your own literary wings. Design your own publication if thats what your heart desires. Because that is exactly what I did in 2000.

Or sit back, and let me provide your area with a masterpiece of media for only $25.00 per week. This cost includes life time customer support to help make you a success. Set your own price for your ads & create them to your specifications. Construct your own articles if you like, and choose your own distribution points. Since there are no rules from my end of this deal, it is even possible to further individualize your Edition to your specific needs. Print your publications at home like I do with your Editions, or have a print shop do them for you.

You will not become rich off of one edition, but extra income is extra income. The key to financial success in this business is to set up multiple editions in surrounding towns and cities as well. If you would like further literature mailed to you about setting up an instant franchise with

Chronicle-of-Victoria, simply leave me an email at with a mailing address to send you some information about my project.

Robert Joseph Lewis

New Discounted Price.

Nobody on Earth offers a better rate. If You find one, and it is as legit as mine, I will match any competitors price.

One week franchise fee only $25, with unlimited customer support. No contract.

If you share a similar dream, then is the dream-maker.

Please feel free to contact contact my personal e-mail at :

or call me at home : 336-258-2022 Mon.-Sat 8 am - 3 pm.

(Eastern Standard time, USA) In case I do not answer be sure to leave a message on my voice-mail, which will always gauantee a call back the same day.

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