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My company has an established belief that my Customers' advertising needs as well as my Readers' interests are of the utmost importance. This is a publication made by the people, for the people. I am committed to meeting my Reader's needs, while being able to offer the cheapest and most effective advertising than any other type of media...period. As a result, a high percentage of my business is from repeat customers and referrals.

At each of the 101 Chronicle-of-Victoria distribution locations, an updated physical copy of that weeks issue can be picked up at a pre-set distribution point at no charge to the Reader or Distributor. When a Reader cannot pick up a physical copy, an is always available 24 hours a day, via the Internet, at this web-site by simply selecting:

Chronicle-of-Victoria Editions 

There are never any hidden fees or charges which means just that (plus NC Sales tax). This weekly fee applies to the advertisement in the physical copies for an edition, and the Internet advertisement (with instant links) as well. Even the initial and update designs of all ads are free; and on me. I like building ads, as much as I enjoy designing the different articles every week. The pride I put in my work can be seen in all aspects of this project.

My Little Girl

Written exclusively for Victoria, by myself, when she was just one year old. Performed by my late stepfather, Charles Reece Tesh (1942-2014)

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Small ads are only $25 per month (plus tax)

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The #1 reason for my success with this publication was the introduction Bible Illustration which reveals Illustrations from a unique 1885 Children's Pictorial Bible that had not been published for over a century; until now. This rare collection is awed by my Readers; and is my favorite article to produce. The artwork was originally created in black and white, and these timeless pictures tell their own stories with vivid detail.


 The Illustrations are accompanied with a non-denominational paragraph or verse describing how the Illustration relates to the Bible. In Harvard on the River Facts I sometimes use my college notes to point out interesting educational facts. Other times, I read new educational sources to present facts that are fun and intriguing.

I feature a year in history and publish a pictorial combination with an article describing the collection of pictures: 


Victoria's Facts, Photos & Fathom, named after my wonderful daughter Victoria Juliette Lewis. This article is kid based, with kids of all ages in mind. Here unique locations from around the world are discussed for further debate among Readers.   

From start to finish the is implied to be a good news, good feeling publication. With uplifting passages, up-beat messages, and articles that leaves the Reader feeling satisfied, and looking forward to the next issue. 


   Chronicle-of-Victoria is designed with low cost, yet exceptionally effective advertising implemented in every issue. A front page large ad is only $16 a week, a medium-sized back ad is only $8 a week, and a small front or back border ad is $6 a week. If you pay three months in you receive a . If you pay six months in advance you receive three weeks FREE. Simply click on Advertisement Options for several ways to advertising in the immediately. Advertisement Options also allow current advertisers to change their ads at anytime from any computer, and then they can instantly send me their updates.

With over ten years experience in designing my own publications, and over twenty-one years in customer service, your business and my business is guaranteed to win. I welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best advertisement in the industry, through a proven media masterpiece. Since It is more than a publication, I call it my Internet-cation, not only supplying local advertisements, but world-wide advertisements as well.

"Customers who start advertising with me in, usually stay in this publication indefinitely. And with the best customer service in the business; if you snooze, you lose, so don't delay! "

Please feel free to visit the Chronicle-of-Victoria


and leave your comments.

   This web-site is focused on providing high-quality service and customer satisfaction. I encourage conversation, it allows you to get to know me and my family, and if you would like, it allows me to get to know you.

I will do everything I can to meet your expectations.

Look around the pages in this website.

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I am guilty of being a very proud Father, and thus, this fact is reflected in most of the things that I do. I set up Victoria's own page on this website which is named Victoria's Pic & Video Gallery. She is truly the pride and joy of my life. My first and only child, sent to me from God as my greatest blessing; whom I dedicate the name of this web-site and family business to. Sincerely,

Robert (Bobby) Lewis

email : Home Office,

Central Hub of Distribution. Robert (Bobby) Lewis, sole proprietor Jonesville, North Carolina

Sole Proprietorship filed with: Yadkin County, NC Register of Deeds January 3, 2012 Book 01035 Start page 0169/ End page 0169

Instrument # 00026 Federal EIN # 45-4281826 

If you like, come by and talk about the advantages of joining the family.

Do so by appointment only,

& call: 336-258-2022 or 336-844-1506

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" My Little Girl "

Written by, Robert Lewis about his daughter, Victoria. Performed by Charles Tesh.

Thanks for you support all these years and issues.

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