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   I built this popular paper and website on one firm belief.      To provide you, the advertiser, the best coverage in Multiple Editions, for one simple low price. I provide advertisement for you in 5 Editions that stretch over 3 counties in North Carolina.         Wilkes, Surry & Yadkin.

Small ads are only $25.00 per month (plus tax)
Half size ads are only $40.00 per month (plus tax)
and the full size, like on the front page are only 
$75.00 per month (plus tax)

This is a popular paper, that has very dedicated advertisers who have locked down specific spots on the front and back page.        Call, Write, or e-mail me now to immediately have a pleasant conversation, and find out all the details you want. 

Advertising one month
Large size
Price: $75.00
Advertising one month
Half size
Price: $38.00
Advertising one month
Small - 1/3 size
Price: $25.00

Your friend,
Robert Lewis

method of payment by PayPal, 
Check or Money Order should be addressed to:
                      Robert Lewis

Telephone: Home Office:        336-258-2022
Anytime cell phone: 336-902-1485


I am able to provide, and maintain such an amazing low price because of my direct and continued involvement. I do every scratch of my own research and design. I do 100% of my own printing right here in my own home, using 2 mid-size mono-chrome laser printed. I take the savings a step further and deliver my weekly paper myself to 3 out of 5 counties every Monday afternoon. In my opinion there is no way to provide more regional coverage, for such a low price.
     If you are an Advertiser who is either building a first ad, or a current Advertiser who needs to change a detail or two, if you use the forms below to send me that valuable information.Information can also be reviewed by me by e-mailing me. I will answer all inquires within 24 hours or less.
Advertisement changes & creations
If you have a currnt advertisement, what immediate changes do you want to make ?
If you are creating a new ad, how do you want the advertisement to look ? Do you want a picture or other forms of artwork ? Please list any catch-phrases you would like published; and include your address, phone number(s), and e-mail adresses or web pages.

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